At special events Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes are used to highlight unauthorized access

Security seals and tape usage for Search and Seal applications is on the increase. Using security seals and tape in the process of securing an area prior to private, important and VIP gatherings; lock downs; travel; police/legal/govern- ment proceedings is of critical importance. The use of tamper evident security seals and tape provides an effective and cost efficient way to highlight any unauthorized access.

TSG offers various "overt" and "covert" customer specific solutions that can be incorporated into a security seal and tape design.

TSG can supply many varying industries; e.g. mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug & pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage, banking and finance. Some examples where Tamper Evident Seals & Tapes can be used are:
  • Test Tube Samples
  • Evidence Bags
  • Cash Bags
  • Safes & Cash Boxes
  • Storage Areas & Containers
  • Food Containers
  • CCTV Tapes
  • Drug Containers
  • Valves & Outlets l Computer & Electronic Equipment
  • Software/CDs/DVDs
  • Power Boards & Switches
  • Asset Labels
  • Courier/Transported/Postal Packages & Documents
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