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Asset/Sequential Numbering
You can start from any numerical or alphanumerical sequence. Enables you to combine Stock, Part & Batch Numbers with the addition of tamper proof security.
UV Reactive
For additional/specialist security requirements, the tamper evident 'reveal' becomes visible under UV/Black light.
Over-Writable Laminate
For easy dating and signing of the original seal, ask for our over-writable finish to your security labels.
Serrated Edging
This option gives added security to your items, the serrated edge finish makes it very difficult to cut around, giving an added deterrent.
We are able to produce Bar-coded Tapes & Labels with almost every type of bar-code available including Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF and etc.
Tri-Colour Print
These Tamper Proof Tapes appear to be one colour when applied. Once violation of the tamper evident tape occurs, the tamper tape reveals the hidden message and distinct colour changes occur, making any attempt to cover up impossible.
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