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Tamper Evident Security Bags and Envelopes | TamperSTOP®- Safe Type

  • The most secure, effective, and efficient way to secure your valuables.
  • High-tech tamper-evidence technology for high risk applications.
  • Heat-resistant, Freeze-proof, Saliva-soluble closure system.
  • With one or more tear-off receipts (optional).
  • Security overprint along the welded seams.
  • High-resolution bar code.
  • Transparent or opaque.
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TamperSTOP® security bags for transporting cash and valuables offer maximum protection, and come complete with numerous security features. Tamper-evident taped strips in four security grades, tear-proof bags and security overprints enable you to send valuable items securely. We are also happy to adapt these security bags to order, to meet your specific needs and requirements.

All of our security bags feature easy-to-use, in-line, leak-proof closure seals that provide the highest-level of security, protect your valuables against from all known methods of tamper attacks, such as mechanical, thermal and chemical-based tampering. After inserting the contents, the security bag is sealed. If the closure is opened, it will show some form of tamper evidence (the bag will be torn, the word "VOID" / "VOIDOPEN " / "STOP" or custom pattern will be visible, etc)

If you want to use a transparent bag, but conceal the contents, first place the contents in a opaque envelope or bag, then seal it in the security bag/envelope. Or, you can use an opaque security bag directly.

We offer stock and custom versions.

Security bags and envelopes are used to secure documents, personal effects, cash, or other valuables. The security bags on this page are transparent for viewing the contents, which is required in some applications.

  • Protect Your Property
  • Chain of Custody Control
  • Combat Tampering

Typical applications include crime scene evidence, cash, checks, clinical trials, personal effects for hospital patients, dice and playing cards for casinos, valuables stored in a vault at a hotel, etc.

Security bags are one-time use and are disposed after the initial use. Custom versions usually require a lead time of 4 weeks.

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  The Bag Material

  Clear LDPE, opaque Co-ext. HDPE/LDPE, Nylon/PE composite, PET/PE composite.

  The Bag Size

  50mm <Size< 860 mm

  The Bag Thickness

  50 mics < Thickness < 160 mics

  The Print Colors

  Max 12 colors

  Barcode Type

  Code 39, Code 128, Code 25, QR code, 2D code, EAN-13 code.

  Barcode Qty

  Max 6 pcs

  Barcode Size

  Max 50mm Height

  Security Closure

  Level 1 or Level 4 Security Level

  Adhesive Type

  High Strength Permanent Hot-melt Glue

  Sides Weld

  3mm, 7.5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 17.5mm.

  Bottom Weld

  Optional 3mm, 10mm, 15mm.

  Tear-off Receipt


  Inside Pocket


  Outside Pocket




  Herizontal-2 / 3-Pocket


  Lead Time

  3 weeks For security bags without numbers, 4 weeks For numbered security bags.


  Bags must not be exposed to temperatures over 100°F (37C) during shipment or storage.


  Temperature: 40°F to 100°F, Humidity: 20% to 60%, Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years.


  1.On the recommended surfaces at 70°F, the tamper evident feature should be functional within 1 minute of application.
  2.If the tamper evident feature does not perform immediately, more curing time usually improves the performance of the tamper   evident feature.
  3.For best results, allow 1 hour curing time after application.

  • Bank, and insurance companies.
  • Authorities, e.g. police & customs.
  • Transport of money and valuables.
  • Top-secret documents.
  • Pharmaceutical field.
  • Casino, hotel.
  • Jewelry....


Product: Security Tamper Evident Bags
ITEM: SGS Test Report (RoHs)
Certificate No.: CANEC1317382405
Reference: Issued by SGS



  • Bag Dimensions
    The dimensions of a TamperSTOP® security bag will vary according to specific customer requirements.
    The external dimensions of a TamperSTOP® security bag are described in mm as follows: Internal bag width (A) x Internal bag length (B). This is illustrated below.

    The useable dimensions are described as follows: External bag width = A + 20 mm sides weld, External bag length = B + 50mm security closure + 40mm Tear-off receipt (if needed).
    All dimensions may vary within the following tolerances:

     Bag width (up to 300mm)


     Bag width (300mm+)


     Bag length


     Bag thickness


    Certain dimensions remain constant regardless of the overall dimensions of the bag. 

    Track & Trace Features and Number Management
    A unique number can be printed on each bag. This number can be printed in human eye- readable form and in high definition barcode form.
    Barcode symbology and check digit formula will be agreed with individual customers. Minimum decode rate for barcodes will be grade C according to the CEN/ANSI standard.
    The position of number and barcode printing is agreed with individual customers and is as indicated and approved on bag artwork.
    Configurations available include picket and ladder and extra high barcodes (up to 50mm) for first time scanning.


    Picket and Ladder barcode configuration    
    Software systems and stringent procedures are in place at TSG to ensure that the number sequences printed onto TamperSTOP® security bags are as agreed with customers and in particular that no numbers are duplicated.
    All data is electronically collected at point of manufacture. TSG reports on the number ranges printed on bags as follows:
    Carton: the label on each carton indicates the actual number range in that carton along with any numbers missing from that range, upon the client’s particular requirement.
    Pallet: the pallet manifest contains a summary of the cartons on the pallet. It lists the actual number range along with any numbers missing from that range. The manifest is available printed as an A4 sheet, via e-mail or in a format suitable for loading into the customer’s system electronically.

    TamperSTOP® Security bags are printed to specific customer designs. Customer approval of paper artwork proofs and colour samples is required before any manufacturing can proceed. The process used is flexographic printing.

    TamperSTOP® security bags are packaged according to specifications agreed with individual customers into polythene bags and cartons and onto pallets as required.
    The following information is printed on the box labels: date of manufacture, TSG order number (manufacturing batch), quantity, and box number. In addition, if bags are uniquely numbered, the start and end numbers of the range of numbers in that box will be recorded along with a record of any numbers missing from the sequence.

    Storage Conditions
    The envelopes must be stored in cool dark conditions, in their original packaging until required for use. It is especially important that they are not exposed to sources of ultra violet radiation, such as strong sunlight or positions close to fluorescent lamps.
    Recommended storage conditions are 18 to 22oC and 35-55% relative humidity. The envelopes must not be exposed to temperatures above 35oC for prolonged periods before use.

    Shelf Life
    Under the conditions specified above, the envelopes will remain suitable for use for a period of 24 months.

    TSG maintains records that allow full traceability of any envelope back through the production processes to its raw material constituents. Quality control records are held for 4 years. TSG Security & Durable Mailers is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

    Intellectual Property Rights & Trademarks
    TSG is the market leader in developing tamper-evident packaging solutions for cash and valuables handling. TSG has pioneered tamper-evident security bags to the current levels of performance. Many of these developments are the intellectual property of TSG. In order that TSG’s intellectual property be clearly communicated and protected all TamperSTOP® security bags carry the patent information.