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Airlines are using Tamper Evident Seals and Tapes on cargo hatches and aircraft doors!

Never before has the security of air cargo and aircraft access been so important. Knowing whether someone has gained access without authority to secured sites on an aircraft is paramount to the safety of the crew and passengers as well as the integrity of the cargo. With the help of Tamper Evident Security Seal or Tape on aircraft doors the safety of crew and passengers and the integrity of the cargo can be further ensured.

TSG can supply many varying industries; e.g. mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug & pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage, banking and finance.

Some examples where Tamper Evident Seals & Tapes can be used are:
Aircraft Doors & Cargo Hatches
Test Tube Samples
Evidence Bags
Cash Bags
Safes & Cash Boxes
Storage Areas & Containers
Food Containers
CCTV Tapes
Drug Containers
Valves & Outlets
Computer & Electronic Equipment
Power Boards & Switches
Asset Labels
Courier/Transported/Postal Packages & Documents

Distributors are maintaining the quality of food products during transport and storage!
Food product containers and packaging with tamper evident applications on them are less likely to be contaminated or their quality compromised due to tampering. Find More

Tamper Evident Tape
TSG Tamper Evident Tape provides an excellent deterrent to theft as an attempt of entry is clearly highlighted. It is ideal as a packaging tape; for use on Courier/Transported/Postal Packages and documents. Tamper Evident Tapes provide peace of mind to make informed decisions. Find More

Occupational Health and Safety standards are improved with the use of Tamper Evident Security Seals
The safety to the operator is of utmost concern to the company and its OH&S issues. The longevity and good condition of expensive equipment is protected using Tamper Evident Seals or Tapes in this way. Find More

At special events Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes are used to highlight unauthorized access
Demand peace of mind, highlight unauthorized access and make informed decisions. Implement TSG Security Seals and Tapes into your business practices. Find More

TSG use a number of security inks in both overt and covert ways to increase security
Thermochromic inks are formulated to change color in both reversible modes in response to temperature change. Photochromic inks change color in response to varying light conditions, notably UV light. Fluorescent inks can be applied in surface and subsurface ways to fluoresce in the presence of certain light conditions. Using these inks in combination with other features enables the user to authenticate the security seal quickly and easily in the field. Find More

Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes are used to highlight unauthorized access
Transport Security is of vital importance, whether it be looking after the integrity of transported goods, or assisting in the safeguarding of public transport. The cost of not highlighting access could be substantial. Find More

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturer's use Tamper Evident Seals and Tapes
To help keep the contents of pharmaceutical products for the sole use of the purchaser, manufacturers protect them with security seals and tapes. Drugs are meant to be used safely and any unauthorized tampering or usage of these products can be highlighted. A Tamper Evident Security Seal or Tape will highlight any access to drug packets or containers, dangerous chemicals and sterile products. Find More

Company Assets get more protection with Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes
Computers, DVD Players and in fact all office equipment within the organization have value and all require logging in an asset register. Asset Identification using tamper evident security seals and tapes provides a process to minimize loss due to unauthorized manipulation, damage and/or theft. Find More

Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes highlight unauthorized access!
TSG supplies security seals and tapes that when applied can be easily inspected during any stage of transport, storage or retailing. Any unauthorized access is clearly highlighted by the special characteristics of Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tapes. Find More

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