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SafeLabel® NR (Non Residue) Tamper Evident Labels

  • NO amount (0%) of adhesive residue remains on the applied surface
  • Security hidden messages will also show up on the label surface when removed
  • Irreversible change provides evidence of unauthorized entry
  • Locks in place yet lifts without a trace residue
  • Ensuring no damage whatsoever to the product, packaging or surface
  • Used for sealing the expensive surfaces or the reusable packaging
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SafeLabel™ Tamper Evident Labels are available in a full range of materials, patterns and colors for specific tamper-resistant labeling challenges. Destructible and non-destructible facestocks including paper, vinyl, acetate and polyester, and adhesives are formulated for a variety of surfaces including polyolefins. Reinforced paper liners add dimensional stability during processing.

Tamper Evident Labels for Security Across Applications and Industries

Designed to meet specific challenges in tamper-resistant labeling, our Tamper Evident Labels are available in a broad selection of facestocks, adhesives, colors and patterns. Labels are supplied in paper, vinyl, acetate and polyester for durability during processing and after application; many are destructible, making it easy to identify attempted removal. They feature our specially-formulated acrylic adhesives, which include High Strength Acrylic Adhesive 300 for quick flowing application and fast lamination to textured plastics, foams, fabrics and coated papers. Our universal Adhesive 350 is excellent for challenging substrates like low surface energy plastics and oily metals. Adhesive 320 delivers a very high bond strength; and Adhesive 1410 is formulated for adhesion to polyolefins.

The combination of materials can be used for printing applications including thermal transfer, digital, inkjet, laser, and dot matrix printing processes. A range of liners includes glassine, polycoated Kraft, densified Kraft and supercalendered Kraft for dimensional stability during processes such as high-speed die-cutting and matrix stripping.

Patterns and Colors for Design Flexibility

SafeLabel™ Tamper Evident Labels feature a range of finishes including white, mirror finish and bright silver to match a variety of design needs. Select products feature triangle patterns and printed VOID messages.

About SafeLabel™ Tamper Evident Label Adhesives

SafeLabel™ Tamper Evident Labels feature a range of our specially-formulated adhesives for secure adhesion and destructibility on specific substrates. Adhesives include:

  • SafeLabel™ P1212 General Purpose Acrylic Adhesive delivers good initial tack and excellent clarity. It is resistant to UV and is UL recognized for indoor use.
  • SafeLabel™ 300 High Strength Acrylic Adhesive provides high initial adhesion especially to low surface energy plastics. It is quick flowing to speed lamination of textured plastics, foams, fabrics and coated papers, and resists heat up to 250°F short-term.
  • SafeLabel™ 320 High Tenacity Acrylic has heat resistance up to 250°F short-term. It also offers high bond strength to a variety of surfaces and excellent flagging resistance on small diameter surfaces.
  • SafeLabel™ Adhesive 350 is a universal, high-performance, high-holding, acrylic adhesive designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces including contoured surfaces and smooth, finely textured powder coatings, low surface energy plastics and oily metals.
  • SafeLabel™ P1410 Tackified Acrylic Adhesive provides a very high tack, designed specifically for adhesion to polyolefins.

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   Facestock (the Surface Material)

   25 / 36 / 50 microns Polyester

   Destruct Pattern

   “VOID” / “VOIDOPEN” / Custom

   The Label Color

   Red / Blue / White / Custom

   Color Finish

   Matte / Gloss

   Adhesive Type

   300 High Strength Acrylic / 320 High Bonding Acrylic / 350 High Performance Acrylic / 1410 Permanent

   Release Liner

   65# Glassine Paper / 55# Densified Kraft / 50# Super Calendered Kraft

   Max Size

   W320 x L500 mm


   Resin Ribbon Printed on Surface

   Max Print  

   6+1 colors (Regular<4 colors)

   Bar Code

   QR code, Code 128, Code 39, Code 25, Serial Numbers.


   Red / Blue / White Color, “VOID” / “VOIDOPEN”.


   Super Low 1000pcs For Stock Security Labels, but 250 m2 For Custom Security Labels.

   Lead Time

   1-3 workdays For Stock Security Labels, 7-10 workdays For Custom Security Labels.


   Labels must not be exposed to temperatures over 100°F (37C) during shipment or storage.


   Temperature: 40°F to 100°F, Humidity: 20% to 60%, Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years.


  1.    If needed, clean the application surface with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol prior to affixing the label.
  2.    Apply security label to the clean & dry surface at or above the recommended application temperature.


   1.On the recommended surfaces at 70°F, the Tamper Evident feature should be functional within 1 minute of application.
   2.If the Tamper Evident feature does not perform immediately, more curing time usually improves the performance of the    Tamper Evident feature.
   3.For best results, allow 1 hour curing time after application.

  • Automobile
  • Appliance
  • Electronic devices
  • Voting machines
  • Hard drives
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Aircraft and car doors
  • Gift certificates
  • PDA
  • Phone Camera


Product: Non Residue Tamper Evident Labels
ITEM: SGS Test Report (RoHs)
Certificate No.: CANEC1317382401
Reference: Issued by SGS