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TSG offers custom security packaging solutions to provide the best possible tamper proof solutions to safe guard customers' products against all proven methods of tamper attack.

Whether you are in the automotive, appliance, electronics, medical, banking, logistics, IT or any other type of industry, we have a variety of security packaging solutions for you as following:

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident security labels provide a simple and cost effective solution for improving your security, as they provide immediate evidence of any tampering making them an effective deterrent against thieves.

The tamper evident labels are suitable for use on cardboard, painted surfaces, plastics, metals and glass and leave a semi-permanent signal on the application surface.

Typical uses include protecting aircraft doors, communication devices, computer hardware, medical packaging, cash boxes, fire fighting set, police and forensic evidence and office desk drawers.

Security Tapes

Security packing tapes can provide immediate evidence of any attempts to open the packaging, which the tape has been affixed to, by revealing the "OPENED" or any other hidden message.

These tapes act as an effective deterrent against anyone who tries to open the packaging and pretend they haven't done so, they are suitable for use on cardboard and other forms of outer packaging as they leave a semi-permanent signal on the surface to where they are applied. Typical users include mobile phone, computer hardware, and other electrical goods resellers, who would benefit from knowing whether their product's packaging has been tampered with.
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